LHR doo is registered as a company for traffic, construction and engineering with its headquarters in New Belgrade, st. Tadije Sondermajera 10J. We have existed since 1991.

We specialize in making all types of piles, as follows:

We are specialized in performing all types of reinforced concrete walls, so-called. "Diaphragms":

You can also hire us for geotechnical research.

According to the project of the facility, geological structure of the terrain and conditions at the given location, the investor decide for one of the mentioned types of piles or diaphragms in order to fundations the facilities, to protect the excavation of the foundation pit and neighboring facilities, rehabilitation of the facility and the like. We can help in their intention in order to choose the most favorable type and method of foundation, protection of the foundation pit, surrounding facilities, etc.

LHR has done a large number of facilities of all kinds in its practice so far and has enviable references. We have the required number of appropriate machine and human resources.

“Our references are: Airport City, Navigator 2 Business Center, Sirius 1 and 2, Ikea, Hotel Mona building, VoĹždove kapije, Skyline, Block 67a, Central Garden, Belgrade-Budapest high-speed railway and many others.

Satisfied customers
Realized projects
Long kilometers of piles

Other production programs

II Geomechanics

Preparation of geomechanical research, analysis and preparation of geomechanical studies, laboratory research works (permanent cooperation with companies and institutions dealing with works in this field).

III Building construction

Although LHR specializes in works in the field of funding, it also performs high-rise construction works: rehabilitation, superstructure, reconstruction and construction.

IV Design

Development of projects in the field of deep fundation, protection of foundation pits, rehabilitation of buildings, landslides, etc. In addition to our own potential, we have constant cooperation with well-known experts and institutions in this field.

V Engineering

All jobs in the field of classical engineering and consulting.