Precast Driven Piles


These piles find their application in extremely soft soils. The advantage of these piles is in the controlled quality of the piles themselves, as well as work in all weather conditions. These piles are driven with the same type of equipment as driving piles cast on site.

The shape and dimensions of the cross section can vary:

Piles delivered to the construction site should meet all the designed criteria. When refuting, the number of hammer blows at 0.5m is counted, as well as the number of blows in 1 minute. The percussion of the pile is stopped when, based on the number of strokes from the previous measurement, the required load-bearing capacity of the pile with the required safety factor is proved by calculation, through the formula of the equipment manufacturer. The calculation of the load-bearing capacity of the pile given through the equipment manufacturer’s forms is based on the entered kinetic energy.

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